Gatlinburg Sky Lift

sky-liftPrepare yourselves for a ride aboard "the best seat in Gatlinburg," an ascent to the top of Crockett Mountain for a 1,800 foot trip into the sky. This is the city's number one scenic overlook, providing absolutely breath-taking views and a truly exhilarating ride to a mountain top. The sights of the city will make up one side of the view, while the rest explodes with the colors and life of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. See beautiful lush forest and misty mountains during your ride, views of a lifetime that you won’t soon forget! At the top you will find binoculars on an overlook platform, completing a truly memorable Smoky Mountain experience. If you happen to take the ride during the night, prepare yourselves for a completely different but still completely gorgeous view, the "dazzling lights" of downtown Gatlinburg sparkling your vision.

This vintage attraction is considered to be the oldest continuously operating attraction in the Smokies, a truly safe, though dated, chair lift that has been loved by many. Built originally in 1953 for a mode of easy transportation to and from a local inn, this attraction has seen over 100,000 tourist by just its third season. While riding to the top of the 1,800 foot summit you will have the opportunity to purchase a souvenir photo, view Little Pigeon River, See the Mysterious Mansion, and even spot Bear Run! At the top of the mountain you can explore the surroundings, grab some snacks, or shop at the quaint gift shop. Bring a picnic for a scenic meal or just enjoy a frozen drink or ice cream as you try to take it all in (you're going to want to bring your fully charged camera for this one!).