George Lucas to Open Museum in Chicago

"Narrative art tells a story. The genre uses the power of the visual image to ignite imaginations, evoke emotions and capture universal cultural truths and aspirations. What distinguishes narrative art from other genres is its ability to capture a shared experience across diverse cultures preserving it for future generations."

This is how the describes its new project, set to open in Chicago in 2018. The museum, a dream concocted by Star Wars director George Lucas, is intended to celebrate and educate on the experience of narrative art and the evolution of image.

Lucas is donating many of his own artifacts from the Star Wars series, as well as his other films Indiana Jones, American Graffitti, Hook and more.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel believes the museum will be a huge benefit to Chicago. "No other museum like this exists in the world, making it a tremendous educational, cultural and job creation asset for all Chicagoans, as well as an unparalleled draw for international tourists," he said in an interview with NBC.

Much of the project is still under wraps, but more information will be released as the opening date draws near. Read the full story here.