Haunted America: Creepy Sites to Visit in the United States

Are you looking for creepy sites to visit in the United States? Look no further than haunted America! Whether you're already planning a grad trip, student group outing, or themed tour with Adventure Student Travel, add some spooks to your adventure by visiting these creepy and historic sites across the United States. Be prepared for bumps in the night as each destination is filled with tales of true hauntings. So grab your flashlight and let’s get exploring!

creepy sites to visit in the United States

The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California – a sprawling mansion with an eerie history

Step into the macabre and strange by visiting the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. Constructed in 1884 by Sarah Winchester, the widow of gunmaker William Wirt Winchester, this sprawling mansion is one of the most unusual residences in the world. The home has stairs that lead to nowhere, doors that open onto blank walls, and windows with no exterior view. It was thought that Sarah built the house to trap wandering spirits whose families were killed by her husband's famous invention - once captured they could never escape! Add a spine-tingling element to your vacation plans with a visit to this mysterious house as part of an Adventure Student Travel tour - they provide themed tours across the United States all year round!

Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – an old prison with tales of ghost sightings

Take a trip to the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia this Halloween with Adventure Student Travel! A hauntingly beautiful building, it still holds tales of ghost sightings since the 19th century. On some nights you can even go on a tour and learn about the history of this old prison with professional guides taking you through its creepy corridors. Whether you want to stage your own daring escape or just take pictures of old cells and hear spooky stories whispered in every corner, this is an experience unlike any other. Join us and Adventure Student Travel for a haunted journey at Eastern State Penitentiary!

St. Augustine Lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida – the site of many unexplained phenomena

For an experience that’s truly out of this world, come to the St. Augustine lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida with Adventure Student Travel! Rich with fascinating legends and rumored to be home to multiple supernatural occurrences, the haunted tales associated with the site are sure to provide a unique and captivating experience. Visitors have reported sightings of ghostly characters, eerie shadows, and a bright beam of light emanating from within the lighthouse itself. Experience something you won’t find anywhere else when you take part in one of our trips – if you dare!

The Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana – a beautiful but allegedly haunted plantation house

If you're looking for an intriguing destination for your next student trip, look no further than the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana. A stunning example of French Creole architecture, this plantation house has a thrilling twist - it's said to be haunted. Established back in 1796, the Myrtles Plantation offers a unique glimpse into the past and a chance to explore its spooky secrets. According to legend, the property is home to at least twelve ghosts that have been sighted over time by visitors and employees alike. Adventure Student Travel offers unforgettable tours of this allegedly haunted house and its historical gardens, providing a truly remarkable experience for groups of students. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, take this opportunity to unravel tales of murder and mayhem as you enjoy exploring the mansion's many wonders!

The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas – where guests claim to have seen strange things

Nestled in the heart of Texas is a historic landmark – The Baker Hotel. Going all the way back to 1929, this luxurious hotel offers some spooky and mysterious experiences as well. Guests have reported seeing strange apparitions, hearing voices, and feeling an overall eerie presence throughout the hotel hallways. With Adventure Student Travel's themed tours of the United States, The Baker Hotel allows curious travelers to explore inside one of America's most iconic hotels and perhaps uncover its secrets – who knows what you might find!


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The LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans – home to a notorious serial killer and some say her victims still haunt the place

Are you looking for a truly one-of-a-kind experience? Interested in spine-tingling fear and mystery? Look no further than the infamous LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans. This harrowing house, once occupied by a notorious serial killer, is said to be haunted by her victims from years past. With Adventure Student Travel, travelers are brought to this haunted spot where the experiences live on forever - almost as if time has frozen, but in a much more terrifying way. Discover history and terror with a unique tour of the LaLaurie Mansion; a necessary stop for any student destined for an adventure unlike any other.


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If spooky stories are your thing, then the United States has plenty of thrilling places to explore. Whether you're looking for a chill or an adrenaline rush, Adventure Student Travel has the right package for you. From the Winchester Mystery House and Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania to The Myrtles Plantation and LaLaurie Mansion in Louisiana, there's something for everyone around Halloween. Don't forget about unforgettable sites such as the St Augustine Lighthouse, Baker Hotel, and more if you're looking for a paranormal thrill! We understand that organizing a trip can be daunting, especially with so many choices; our experienced consultants can help recommend and tailor an itinerary that suits your needs. So if you're ready, contact us so we can help arrange an adventure perfect for you!