Haunted Mayfield Manor

Haunted Mayfield Manor

Get ready for the most thrilling adventure available in Galveston, Haunted Mayfield Manor, located on the Strand at 23rd Street. This year-round haunted house is located in what was once a temporary morgue, delivering psychological scares through theatrical performance all throughout the house.

You will get both histories and scares as you make your way through 12 rooms of terror all haunted by the infamous Dr. Mayfield. Dr. Mayfield was said to be quite the "sick" doctor, as you will see during your visit.

'Dr. Mayfield welcomes you to his home to met ghosts, ghouls, and shadow people'.

The entire experience should take you about 20 minutes, and children under 13 will need to be accompanied by an adult. Before you go make sure you check out any additional events happening, such as the summer Zombie Camp or frequent nighttime paranormal investigations.

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