Pirates! Legends of the Gulf Coast

Pirates! Legends of the Gulf Coast

Come learn the legends, myths and stories of the last of the Buccaneers.

For a swashbuckling adventure like no other in Galveston take your group to Pirates! Legends of the Gulf Coast, Texas' only permanent year-round pirate exhibit.

Here you can meet resident pirates, visit a gift shop, and enjoy special live performances, all centered around one of the most famous pirates to sail the Gulf, Jean Lafitte. Lafitte is a 'Frenchman of questionable values', a man who sailed the Gulf, took NOLA by storm, helped defend the nation with Andrew Jackson, then sailed to the place he called home, Galveston in 1817.

Learn all about Jean Laffite, local piracy legends, and pirates in general as you explore this small but fun Galveston attraction.

For more thrills stick around for the Haunted Mayfield Manor experience as well!