Healthy Eating Habits on the Road

Eating healthy probably isn’t the first thing on your list of things to worry about when traveling, especially when traveling with a large group of students on a field trip, senior trip, or class vacation. 

More than likely you are more worried about lodging, attractions, student safety, and of course, having fun. Oftentimes eating on the road becomes a blur of fast food hamburgers and gas station soda pops, as well as indulging in whatever local specialties you can find along the way. 

Healthy eating habits can certainly be maintained on the road, however, especially with just a little planning and forethought. Here are our tips for healthy eating habits on the road! 

Whether you're taking a weekend road trip, one day field trip, or extended vacation, these healthy eating habits will help you stay on track!


  • Stop at Grocery Stores

Instead of making frequent stops at gas stations and fast food joints plan to make any food stops at a local grocery or health food store. You will find plenty of easy and fresh snack and meal options.

  • Pack Food - Snack Often

Pack a cooler or large lunch box full of easy to eat road snacks like fresh or dried fruit, trail mix, granola bars, or jerky. Snack often through the trip so you won't want to binge on a huge meal later on.

  • Pack in the Protein

When trying to decide what snacks to pack think of protein filled things like jerky, cheese sticks, and nuts. These food items will keep you full and satisfied longer.

  • Do your Research

When traveling it is easy to pick a place to eat just by seeing it along the road, but oftentimes this leads to fast food stops or large unhealthy, unplanned meal choices. Do your research on restaurants in the area and plan a healthy, reasonable meal ahead of time.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

This golden rule applies to many things, especially eating healthy on the road. Be sure to stay hydrated, it will make you feel fuller and more satisfied throughout your busy days.

Healthy Eating Habits on the Road