History Colorado Center

History Colorado Center

Jeffrey Beall  History Colorado Center

Jeffrey Beall History Colorado Center

Established through the History Colorado Society back in 1879, the History Colorado Center prides itself on the stories of Colorado’s past and present. The society includes a collection of museums across the state with the central museum, the History Colorado Center, located in Denver. Covering everything from the state’s founding in the 19th century to toys of the mid-20th century, History Colorado Center is comprehensive and interesting to the extreme.

Start with the basics at the Colorado Stories exhibit which includes several galleries on individual facets of Colorado’s colorful history. Native American tribes played an important role in the foundation of the state. Learn about the tribal border wars and the different tribes in exhibits like Resilience: The Ute Indian Tribes, Time Immemorial to Today. Also part of this iconic and central exhibit collection are galleries such as Jumping for Joy: Steamboat Springs, 1915 and Sand Creek Massacre Gallery as well as others to create an inclusive look at the variety of trials and personalities that went into the founding of Colorado.

Other exhibits include El Movimiento: The Chicano Movement in Colorado, Living West, Destination Colorado, We Heart Rocky Mountain National Park, and Denver A to Z which creates a picture of Denver’s essence by going through the alphabet.

Denver, and by extension Colorado, is a historic destination with plenty of stories to tell. “Because our stories matter,” is the motto of the museum and it is shown in its array of collected artifacts, displays, interactive galleries, and documented stories presented to visitors like you for your enjoyment and enlightenment. Step back in time and visit early Colorado at the History Colorado Center.