Huntsville Astronomic and Lunar Observatory

Huntsville Astronomic and Lunar Observatory

We are excited to share our view of the cosmos with you.

While in the Ogden area take your group on an outer space adventure at the Huntsville Astronomic and Lunar Observatory, or HALO.

Located at the Compass Rose Lodge in Huntsville, Utah, this observatory allows guests to 'view neighboring celestial bodies with great detail', giving glimpses of the rings of Saturn, Jupiter's Galilean Moons, and other spectacular deep sky objects such as galaxies, nebulae, and globular clusters.

Your group will have an up-close and personal deep space experience using telescopes such as the 8-inch Meade LX200, donated from Weber State University, and the 16-inch aperture Ritchey-Cretren Style telescope with hyperbolic shaped mirrors just like the Hubble. Depending on the weather conditions you may be able to take a tour such as the nighttime Starwalk Tour while here.

Compass Rose Lodge itself offers 15 rooms displaying Ogden Valley's beauty at it's finest, and the lodge also offers an excellent coffee shop for both hotel guests and observatory visitors called First Lift Coffee.


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