Huntsville Museum of Art

The leading museum of visual arts in Northern Alabama, the Huntsville Museum of Art is located in the beautiful Big Spring International Park just minutes from downtown Huntsville. Come by with your travel group for an afternoon of educational and culture, viewing fascinatingly stunning works of art from all over the world.

One of the top destinations in Huntsville, Alabama, the Museum of Art is home to over 3,000 works of art in its permanent collections. Located in a gorgeous and regal contemporary style building, the Museum of Art is a prime destination for any tour group.

Visit to see works of art by such masters as James Whistler, Andy Warhol, Alabama regional artists, French artist Antoine Ponchin, and more. View historic collections such as the Buccellati, luxurious and elegant silver metal creations which applaud Italian craftsmanship and the graceful lines found in nature. Other exhibits include works by the American Studio Glass artist Mary Ann Zynsky who created several of the amazing blown glass sculptures now found in the museum. Temporary exhibits range in subject from photography to modern art, regional artist highlights, and more.
A learning museum, the Museum of Art in Huntsville offers a Museum Academy which teaches students of all ages about creating art and art appreciation. From art classes to pottery classes, live music presentations, lectures, docent-led tours, and more, the Huntsville Museum of Art is considered one of the top 10 attractions in the entire state of Alabama.