Indian Key Historic State Park

Briefly inhabited in the 19th century, Indian Key Historic State Park is now a lovely natural little island nearest to Islamorada in the Florida Keys. Visitors frequent the island as a recreational destination as well as a historical attraction for its ongoing archaeological projects. Efforts are currently being made to uncover historic buildings and ruins on the island.

Indian Key Historic State Park was, at one time, the seat of a cargo salvaging business working from shipwrecks off the coast of the Keys. Today, no such business exists though travelers and locals enjoy the short boat ride out to the interesting 11-acre state park to view the native wildlife, the bright blue ocean views, and experience a little bit of history in the Caribbean sunshine. At Indian Key, your group may enjoy boating, fishing, canoeing or kayaking, and most popularly, the hiking trails through the island forests. You can also enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving in the cerulean waves to see colorful wildlife, shipwrecks and ruins, and the coral reefs that make up the foundation of the island.