Jackie Robinson Ballpark & Statue

Jackie-Robinson-Ballpark-Infield-1411This historic Florida ball park, home of the Daytona Cubs and Bethune-Cookman Wildcats, originally opened as the Daytona Island City Ball park in June of 1914, and consisted of a simple field and set of stark wooden bleachers. A steady series of remodels and additions over the years have not diminished the original charm of the stadium; fans flock to this landmark site of the first racially integrated MLB game in baseball history for photographs with the statue memorializing beloved baseball pioneer Jack Roosevelt *Jackie* Robinson, who crashed the barriers banning black athletes from the sport by becoming the first African-American to play modern-era Major League Baseball.

Renamed in Jackie’s honor in 1989, the ball park is a favorite Daytona Beach venue for classic minor league action amidst all the old-school atmosphere a true-blue fan could ask for.