Jelly Belly Factory

jelly belly factoryHave you ever sat poking through a fresh bag of yummy Jelly Bellies? We all have our special favorites, and discovering new combos is a never-
ending source of excitement among fans of the best jelly beans in the world!

Student groups of bean aficionados on Golden State holidays won’t want to miss a stop at the fabulous working factory in Fairfield, California. Fans of the more than 150 flavors of the sugary legume-shaped favorites will find a veritable beananza of Jelly Belly trivia, famous works of bean art, and the renowned Jelly Belly Fleet inside the sparkling factory walls.

Free 40-minute guided weekday tours, departing every ten minutes or so, let you unravel some of the mystery and experience all the magic of a real working jelly bean factory. Learn why it takes up to 20 days to make select flavors as well as a couple of “special secrets” and sweet facts. The factory air around you will be filled with the intoxicating perfume of fresh Jelly Bellies. Is that chocolate pudding, toasted marshmallow, or buttered popcorn?

If endless samples haven’t dented your appetite, grab yourself some bean-shaped hot lunch at Jelly Belly Café. The nearby gift shop tempts guests to pick up “a little something for later.” Cool photo ops are available-round up your fellow explorers, just say “beans!” and create a lasting memory of what’s been called “The best factory tour on Earth!”