Jewish History Museum

The Tucson Jewish History Museum is one of the absolute best cultural history museums in the state of Arizona, perhaps even in the southwest region as a whole. This religious/historical local hotspot gives insight to what it was like here, in the Tucson region, for a group of peoples persecuted across the world at the time. This establishment is also oftentimes referred to as the Jewish Heritage Center of the Southwest, it’s official former name. Sitting on Stone Avenue, this center works to ‘preserve, collect, exhibit, and teach the Jewish heritage of southern Arizona to the public’. Known as a popular downtown landmark here, this is considered to be the first synagogue to be built in an Arizona territory and served as the original home of the Congregation Temple of Emanu-El, from 1910 to 1948. The 1980’s saw this beautiful church vacant, though the 90’s and beyond saw it rescued and restored to its former synagogue glory, this time with several dynamic exhibitions for the public.

With a visit to this historic landmark, you will see the history of Jewish people in southern Arizona presented through really spectacular and interactive exhibits. See how the Jewish culture thrives still today  through the robust schedule of programs here year round, not to mention the private tours and educational opportunities presented here. Be sure to save enough time to see all the wonderfully informational and sentimental exhibits inside, such as Suspended Lineage, Goldschmidt Photography, and Temple of Shadows, each displaying the authentic history of the people involved Jewish culture magnificently. Did we mention the namesake of this building, the Friedman Family (officially The Friedman Family Jewish History Building), has quite a history of their own to be told here? This is one seriously insightful stop!