John Hopkins University

John Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University, a private research university originally based in Baltimore, is a wonderfully famous and historic institution of higher learning. Founded in 1876 under the motto "The Truth Will Set You Free," Johns Hopkins has continued to be an endless seeker of knowledge and growth in all areas.

The original Baltimore campuses, which are still in use today, are located in Homewood, East Baltimore, and Downtown Baltimore. The Homewood campus is the location of Charles Carroll's Homewood House, one of the finest examples of Federal architecture in the country, which is now a preserved museum. The famous Johns Hopkins medical school is located in East Baltimore where you'll find the iconic Johns Hopkins Hospital and its fabulous domed roof.

The university continues to support higher education and includes campus tours for visiting groups. Tour the campuses and see what life is like for the students at Johns Hopkins, learn more about the university's history and progresses in academics, and much more.


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