Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo

father and little daughter looking at reticulated giraffe in zoo

Open year-round and free for all, the Lincoln Park Zoo is Chicago’s amazing wildlife preserve in the middle of the city. 16 exhibits and animal houses contain roughly 200 different species and approximately 1,100 animals from around the world. With expertly designed habitats, delicious food booths, and informational programs, the Lincoln Park Zoo is the perfect destination for a day away from the hustle of the city.

From aardvarks to yellow-spotted Amazon turtles and zebras, the zoo is home to all manner of creatures. The Regenstein African Journey brings the magic of the ancient continent to the Windy City with animals including African wild dogs, black rhinoceros, and Baringo giraffes. The Birds of Prey exhibit holds owls, vultures, and bald eagles, while the McCormick Bird Households exotic birds such as the Fairy-bluebird, Bali mynah, Mandarin ducks, and laughing kookaburras. Experience the magic of close encounters with exotic creatures, in viewing and observing the habits of animals from the other side of the world, and finding your favorites among the multitudes that call this zoo home. Other popular exhibits include interactive zoos like the Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo and the Farm-in-a-Zoo areas where children can begin a life-long passion for animals by petting the animals and learning how the zookeepers take care of them. Ape and primate houses are also in attendance at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Education programs for schools, summer camps, and guided zoo tours are available to learn more about conservation practices used at the zoo and further animal information. Conservation begins with a respect and passion for animals during childhood and the educational programs work to engender just that. Summer camps and guided field trips are offered along with the other programs.

The Lincoln Park Zoo is open every day of the year.