Little Havana Walking Tour

Little_Havana_Dominos_ParkGet ready for three full hours of Little Havana education as you and your group take the Little Havana Walking Tour! This tour departs daily at 10:30 a.m. and delves into political, religious, and social customs of the community that has had significant influence on the city of Miami’s development, culture, and history. Choose between a regular or private customized tour with any of the reputable guides, such as Christine Michaels or Flavia Caldas. They will take you through one of Miami’s oldest neighborhoods and show you how waves of Cuban refugees changed the landscape in these humble yet lively communities.

This walking tour is fairly tame as far as physical exertion goes, mostly within a four-block radius from its starting point in front of the Bay of Pigs Memorial on the Miami Mainland. You will get to walk down Memorial Blvd, the site of the memorial, and be educated on all of the statues of historic leaders from Cuban history lining the street. You will also get to see the famed Calle 8, the site of the planning of the Bay of Pigs attack as well as the sight of the "Fountain of Youth" in Domino Park. Your group will visit a local fruit market as well as get the chance to watch a cigar rolled in the same fashion as the decade-old techniques! This "kaleidoscope of culture, tradition, and vivid colors" will show you the best local mom and pop shops, foods, and most important cultural history regarding Little Havana you can handle!