Madame Tussaud’s American Legacy

Destination Replication

Madame Tussaud’s is the historical, unique, and highly entertaining wax museum chain that has taken the entertainment world by storm. There are several different locations worldwide, including several in the major cities of the United States.

This wax museum is an entertaining, hands-on experience unique to anything else of the sort, beginning over 200 years ago and still expanding today. The franchise has seen millions upon millions of guests since its inception, travelers always interested in the market of curiosity. Inside you will see unbelievably realistic replications of your favorite celebrities, from politicians and influential world leaders to American singing and film sensations.

Madame Tussaud herself was born in 1761, dedicating her life to making models, swept up into the Royal Court and Revolution drama of the period quickly after. She was imprisoned and forced to make death masks of executed leaders, then when the Revolution ended she inherited the Dr. Philippe Curtius Wax Exhibition, due to her clear skills. She was married to Francois Tussaud in 1795 and took her business, then called the ‘Chamber of Horrors’, to the British Isles. After she passed her grandsons continued on, the business surviving a devastating fire and various WWII bombings. Today you will find a Madame Tussaud Wax Museum in practically every corner of the earth!

Worldwide Locations:

United States: 7
Europe: 7
Asia: 8
Australia: 1


Location: Near Grauman’s Chinese Theater
Exhibits: Spirit of Hollywood, Modern Classics, Making Movies, Marvel Superheroes, A-list Party, President Obama, Country Western, Crime, Pop Icons, Action Heroes, Behind the Scenes
Spotlight: Making Movies: enjoy a true Hollywood look at some locally popular stars, from Cameron Diaz and Steven Spielberg to Edward Scissorhands and Jim Carey.

Las Vegas

Location: Venetian Hotel
Exhibits: Viva Las Vegas, Club Tussauds, Music Icons, The Hangover Experience, Marvel Superheroes, Sports, TV Stars
Spotlight: Viva Las Vegas: win big at Vegas with a look at such famous stars known to perform in the area as the Blue Man Group, Elvis Presley, Celine Dion, and the Rat Pack.

New York City

Location: Midtown, 42nd Street
Exhibits: Ghostbusters Experience, Ghostbusters: Dimension, A-List Party, Film and TV, World Leaders, Pop Culture, Marvel 4D Experience, Sports, Music
Spotlight: World Leaders: get ready to bump shoulders with such famous minds as Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, and Abraham Lincoln!

Washington D.C

Location: Penn Quarter
Exhibits: US Presidents, First Ladies, Media and Entertainment, Sports, Music, Cultural Icons, A-List
Spotlight: First Ladies: get cozy with our nation’s most powerful women, from Nancy Reagan to Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

San Francisco

Location: Fishermans Wharf
Exhibits: Music Zone, Sports Zone, Leaders and Entrepreneurs, Spirit of San Francisco, Film Zone
Spotlight: Spirit of San Francisco: go beyond the cable cars and Golden Gate Bridge and get to know local stars like Robin Williams, Jimi Hendrix, and Jerry Garcia.


Location: International Drive
Exhibit: A List, History and Leaders, Sports, Music, TV, Film
Spotlight: After meeting Scarlett Johansson at the A-List Party try out the Orlando exclusive 360 Degree VIP Experience, allowing you to enjoy views from the Orlando Eye, exclusive behind the scenes tours, and lunch at the Yard House!


Coming Soon - Spring 2017
Location: Opry Mills