Man in the Sea Museum

1913_US_Navy_ADS_at_Man_in_the_Sea_Museum_Panama_City_with_mechanical_lobster_claws_BhargavWelcome to the Man in the Sea Museum, the one-of-a-kind museum that presents exhibits and documents related to the history of diving located along Panama City Beach Parkway. This museum, opened in 1982, is owned by the Institute of Diving and presents various information on the progress of diving technology throughout history within its 5,000 square miles of maritime artifacts. The various exhibits are hands-on and allow guests to get acquainted with the roots of scuba diving through several sets of authentic artifacts. Here your group can climb through a submarine, learn about the progression of helmets and other various gear, and even see SEALAB 1, the world’s first undersea habitat, up close and personal.

Inside the museum your group will see a large collection of rare diving equipment that plays its part to highlight man’s success underwater. The museum strives to bring the most recent news and updates on underwater scientific and technological endeavors, as well as the discovery of artifacts and the overall impact man has had on earth’s important aquatic environment. The Man in the Sea Museum is the perfect place for locals to learn about their ecosystem, school groups to partake in an interesting and educating field trip, and tourists to see and learn something new. Save plenty of time to explore all the treasures recovered from surrounding sunken ships from as early as 1500, as well as recent working naval vehicles from the area!