Marine Science Center

Intrepid traverser of the globe, when was the last time you set foot on an Indonesian volcano,  trudged through a humid Malaysian Peat Swamp, bobbed beneath the surface of the Red or Mediterranean Seas or saw the Coastal Sahara? Does a string ray really feel like wet bologna? Do you and your fellow travelers prefer your 3D flicks 6 stories high and eight stories wide? Ever been on a Journey of Water? Do you know what a macro-marsh is and what lives there ? Ever heard of a fulvous whistling duck? Do you believe real dragons exist? Embark on a fascinating fresh and salt water adventure at the wonderful Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center in beautiful Virginia Beach. Satisfy your curiosity and then some as you wander and explore the immersive displays of Restless Planet habitats teeming with native life, trot the Owl Creek Salt Marsh trail and trip the tanks fantastic where more than 12,000 entertaining and enchanting residents of over 300 species live and play right before your eyes in fabulous educational exhibits! Turtles, rays, sharks and crabs, komodo dragons, crocodiles, otters and harbor seals, shorebirds and mighty birds of prey all call this fine institution home and welcome you along with thousands of fascinating fellow residents on an “open house” journey from the sandy shore to the icy, shadowy depths of the Atlantic.

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