Maxwell Blade’s Theater of Magic

conjure-407649_1280Your group is in for a real treat, what many locals consider the greatest show in Arkansas and what draws thousands of guests annually, the Maxwell Blade’s Theater of Magic! This award-winning magic show is located in downtown Hot Springs and has been running successfully for over 20 years now, beginning in 1991. Maxwell Blade is an ex-punk rock band member who slowed down his lifestyle and dedicated it to the art and show of magic! During one of these amazing shows your group will see illusions, comedy, and astounding showmanship. Audience interaction is a huge part of these shows, the intimate setting being the reason Blade switched to this business, so be prepared to get involved!

The stage inside is styled after an intimate Victorian Style magic parlor with only 112 seats at maximum capacity. The show is 1.5 hours long and leaves guests amazed, amused, and inspire., There will be mystery, entertainment, and illusion abound as you sit (or stand on stage) watching some of the most unexplainable magic tricks! There will be concessions throughout the show, as well as a gift shop packed full of magic kits and tricks.

The theater now also holds a museum, the Odditorium and Curiosity Museum, with over 300 unique items such as two headed animals and the world’s smallest people clothes. There are offered 30 minute tours of this section of the building if your group desires. If you get here in late September you’ll also see the 3-day magic festival in the downtown historic district, full of magicians (usually 9 or 10) and the craziest street magic you’ll ever see! Your group is truly going to enjoy whatever Maxwell Blade does for you, his zany, unique, and intimate personality truly connecting you to magic!