Media Gadgets for the Frequent Traveler / Part 2 of 3: Optimizing Your Movie/TV Experience

Media Gadgets for the Frequent Traveler (1)


I love TV, and there's no better way for me to relax and wind down at the end of a long day than by watching my favorite TV show. The same goes for group travel! Many people say "enjoy the journey." But why not enjoy the trip to your destination by finally watching that Academy Award winning movie that you haven't seen yet? If you have the option to make your group travel flight better by catching up on the episodes you missed last weekend, do it! Even after you arrive at your destination, a day with a full itinerary of tourist attractions can be topped off by a little R&R with your student travel mates and your current Netflix addiction. Here are a few gadgets to help you make it happen:


1. Bluetooth Headphones. There's nothing worse than wanting to settle into a flight with a good flick when you discover your headphones are in an epic knot that is stuck on some mystery object inside of your carry on. You struggle and wiggle to get it dislodged from the bag without crossing over into your neighbor's personal space. One final tug and finally they are free! You apologize to the stranger seated next to you for the sudden elbow to knee contact and spend the next five minutes pulling at loops and sorting out the three ends of most perfect knot making material in the world. Seriously, headphone cords. It's almost like they made them that way on purpose. Erase this frustration from your travel journal permanently by picking up a set of Bluetooth headphones: no cords, no mess. Only the sweet sound of entertainment in your ears. You can get a set of these for $30-$40.


2. Headphone splitter. Of course, if you're on a group tour, you're probably not traveling alone. Fortunately, your seatmate isn't a stranger, but rather a good friend who would like to enjoy your awesome gadget collection along with you. A headphone splitter lets multiple people listen to your device without bothering the other folks within earshot. Increase your device's headphone capacity from 1 to 5 pairs for only $5-$10.


3. A projector. Perhaps your student group would like to enjoy a movie together. You may think that projectors are just for conference rooms, classrooms, or decked out home theaters. But believe it or not, you can now purchase projectors that are small enough to fit into your pocket! Travel with a pocket projector and host a viewing party anywhere!


4. Mini Bluetooth speaker. This pairs great with your projector. Ensure that everyone on your group excursion can hear the movie by amplifying the sound with a miniature Bluetooth speaker. Available for only $10-$15.


5. Portable TV Stick. Maybe you don't have a tablet, but you still want access to your Hulu or Netflix account while traveling. A portable TV stick like Roku or Amazon Fire Stick plugs into the USB port on any TV (such as the one in your hotel room) to provide you with your favorite TV shows while on the go.


With these five gadgets, you should have everything you need for the ultimate media experience for you and your group tour mates. Don't forget to come back for the final installment of this series: Documenting Your Memories.


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