Medieval Times Atlanta

Medieval Times

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Medieval Times Atlanta

The nation's premier source for medieval entertainment and Renaissance fun, Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is a raucously fun, exciting, and surprisingly educational destination for the whole group!

In the gorgeous Georgian landscape near Atlanta, you'll find a castle peeking out of the surrounding land with traditional turrets and a bold drawbridge. This castle serves as a popular, and truly breathtaking, family-friendly attraction bringing medieval European fun to American families, an opportunity both uniquely fun and historically educational!

Watch the story unfold as knights battle each other for the fair maiden, as tournaments are aligned and performed before your very eyes. See highly trained, gorgeous horses perform feats of amazing skill and the talented riders who perform on horseback. Witness the court proceedings with utter pomp and circumstance while you dine on a gloriously delectable meal of oven-roasted chicken, fresh vegetables, steaming soups and flaky pastries made by the castle chef.

Everyone in the court has their own story and you'll want to watch it unfold at the most exciting, interactive, and fun dinner theater in Atlanta!

This site also has exciting performance opportunities on-site, for both choirs or concert bands.