Miles with Miles

Here at Adventure Student Travel we like to monkey around just as much as they rest of the world, that’s why we have our trusty sidekick and mascot friend, Miles the Monkey! Our lovable, and quite soft, monkey mascot loves to travel and would love to travel with your group on your next big trip! Add more miles with Miles and embrace the journey, taking him along every step of the way! Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Like our page at

Step 2: Subscribe to our updates and tell your friends, family, and school members to like our page and watch for your very own photo and/or video submission(s) with Miles!

Step 3: Take phenomenal photos and fun footage with your new favorite monkey (and no, we don’t mean your classmate!)

Step 4: Email photos to us at

Step 5: Once your photos are received and approved, they will be uploaded to our Facebook page for you to tag your friends and family! Make sure you have permission from everyone in the photo before you submit it!

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your 15 seconds of fame with Miles on your next exciting adventure and make it a trip neither one of you will ever forget!