Miller Outdoor Theater

Miller Outdoor Theater

One of the best spots to visit for quality entertainment while in Houston is the Miller Outdoor Theatre, the outdoor Performing Arts Center in Hermann Park.

This attraction is unique in that it is ALWAYS free for guests, being the largest of its kind in the U.S to offer such an opportunity. The theater is open for an astounding 8 month season in this temperate Houston weather, though it does provide a covered seating area for shade.

At the theater, you will see 'artistically excellent, culturally diverse, and always free' performances, the company showing classical, contemporary and world music and dance,  Shakespeare, musical theater, films and much more. The stage system is absolutely state of the art, and the covered seating and hillside can comfortably accommodate 6,000 people.

Miller Outdoor Theatre has been around since 1923, holding an impressive history of entertainment in Houston. A good example of a typical season can be seen in the highly successful 2017 season, in which over 415,000 people attended over 125 quality performances such as the Footloose the Musical, Pippin and Festival Chicano.

There is a hillside picnic area for pre-performance meals, or student groups can also opt in for a boxed lunch from Levy Restaurant, which comes with your choice of a hot dog or corn dog, small popcorn, and soft drink.

Dear Educators and Parents,

Miller Outdoor Theatre offers culturally rich and artistically diverse children's programming as part of its season of free productions. -