Missouri Civil War Museum

Student groups on Show Me State excursion with an affinity for US History will not want to miss a tour of the recently opened Missouri Civil War Museum housed in the 1905 Jefferson Barracks Post Exchange (PX) and Gymnasium building, just a few miles south of St Louis. Ten years of extensive renovations began in 2003; the institution opened its doors to eager historians June 29th, 2013. During the Civil War, converted steamboats ferried the wounded to overflowing hospital ward buildings dotting the property the Museum stands on, and the wartime saga of heartache, chilling uncertainty, suffering and death – the ultimate solder’s sacrifice – haunts the very ground beneath the Jefferson Barracks Complex to this day. What better way to commemorate the Civil War years than to enlist a new and growing museum established in a meticulously renovated historic landmark structure in the sharing of an immersive history lesson certain to enhance any classroom experience – past, present and future - through the careful showcasing of fine collections of authentic documents and artifacts while underscoring the importance of the American Civil War Era as well as the crucial role of Jefferson Barracks in our great Country’s history?? Come...learn and explore!