Galveston Moody Gardens

Galveston Moody Gardens

Don't let the outer appearance fool you, though Moody Gardens is housed in three giant pyramids, it's a lively, vibrant, exciting educational adventure for the whole group!

The blue pyramid, a twelve-story behemoth, houses the aquarium keeping care of roughly 10,000 marine creatures, big and small. Giant pools, tanks, and exhibits represent regions of the world's seas from the North Pacific to the Caribbean, South Atlantic, and beyond! You'll be able to tour the many stories of sharks, seals, penguins, and more species of fish than you ever dreamed existed.

When you've seen everything in the Aquarium Pyramid, skip over to the clear glass Rainforest Pyramid. Here is where you'll find most of the "gardens" in the Moody Gardens name! This pyramid extends 10 stories tall and focuses on the education of the rainforest ecosystem, conservation efforts, and the biology of the environment. More than 1,000 species of exotic plants make up the lush landscaping inside where you'll also find saki monkeys, ocelots, birds, reptiles, Giant Amazon river otters, and so much more! The humidifier even keeps the pyramid feeling like you're in the jungle!

Finally, we come to the final pyramid of Discovery! Opened in 1997, this pyramid is a fun-filled adventure complete with a 4D motion simulator ride, SPEED: Science in Motion, and a variety of traveling exhibits.

The final attraction at Moody Gardens, though not housed in a pyramid, is highly popular. Palm Beach is a fully functioning waterpark complete even with a beach made from sand off of Galveston Bay. Come by with your student group for a fun afternoon in South Texas where education meets adventure meets excitement at Moody Gardens!