Museum of Flight

Museum of Flight

Welcome to the largest independent, non-profit air and space museum in the world, Seattle's Museum of Flight!

With over 175 aircraft and spacecraft onsite plus tens of thousands of artifacts, millions of rare photos, and dozens of exhibits and experiences, this museum truly is the best of its kind!

'The museum and its people bring makinds incredible history of flight to life'.

Historically speaking, the Museum of Flight first came to fruition in 1965 as a 10,000 square foot exhibit space within the Seattle Center. It later found its permanent home within the restored Boeing Red Barn in 1983.

The museum allows you to 'travel through time and space' with its collection of air and spacecraft, artifacts, galleries, exhibits, facts, and stories. You can see such things as an M-21 Blackbird, NASA Full Fuselage Trainer, and XCOR Lynx Spaceplane. Visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park, Aviation Pavilion, Great Gallery, Personal Courage Wing, Red Barn, and Space Gallery while here. Student Groups may want to also make a special visit to the Aviation Learning Center and/or Challenger Learning Center while here!