Museum of Tolerance

museum_of_tolerance_los_angeles_march_2008Spend your morning exploring the L.A Museum of Tolerance, the Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum located along Pico Boulevard that provides a multimedia education experience you won’t find anywhere else in L.A. Founded in 1993, this museum takes guests on average 2.5 hours to see it all, the museum dedicated to ‘examining racism and prejudices around the world’, with a strong focus on the history of the Holocaust. You will be able to take a journey through the dramatic and dark history of the 20th century, with countless films and educational exhibits inside. Guests will even walk away with new ways to fight modern-day discrimination around the world.

The thrilling exhibits you will see inside will be organized into 4 different main exhibition areas: The Holocaust, Tolerancenter, Anne, and Finding Families, Finding Ourselves. Each different section will do its part to discuss hate, fear, and bravery. There will also be various events or daily programs happening during your trip, not to mention the countless options for group tours and field trip programs. You can book a private tour to one specific exhibition area, or take a main museum tour. There are also grade and curriculum specific options for school groups, such as the Steps to Tolerance program for 5th and 6th graders, or the teens Tools for Tolerance.