Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre

Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre

Mystery, intrigue, and really delicious food...sign us up!

The Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre is a comedic and interactive production series featuring a wide variety of shows and performances. Mysteriously Yours is located within the former Limelight Dinner Theater (beforehand the Royal York Hotel), a tiered level venue unique in design and visual appeal.

There are several different shows put on, such as the ones listed in the photo.

Your group will have the option of customizing their experience to fit their particular group, theme, and age. Many groups come here as a teambuilding exercise, the interactive nature of the mystery making it a great problem-solving experience for your group to work together to solve.

Of course, there will also be food! Enjoy a 3-course dinner featuring options such as beef stroganoff, chicken marsala, salmon, and tandoori.