National Border Patrol Museum

National Border Patrol Museum

Journey through the history of the U.S. Border Patrol from the beginning in the Old West, through Prohibition, World War II, into the high-tech Patrol of today.

The only museum of its kind in the United States, the National Border Patrol Museum will educate your group on all there is to know about our history with the National Border Patrol from its inception to today.

This museum was first founded in 1985 and features historic aircraft, electronics, weaponry, uniforms, vehicles, and more. It serves as a center for archives, research, and education, offering guests the additional resource of the USBP Memorial Library and Research Center for more in-depth information. The border patrol was first officially established in 1924, beginning with 450 inspectors using horseback and revolvers. It has grown into quite a bigger process today, as you will see during your visit.

During your visit your group will see the following exhibits:

  • Vehicles of the Border Patrol - From horseback to today's most recent models.
  • Weapons of the Border Patrol - Includes both duty-carry weapons and seized weapons.
  • Uniforms of the Border Patrol - The earliest models to 2007 on display.
  • Operations Exhibits - Sign Cutting, Transportation Check, Horse Patrol, and Flight Operations.