Jewish Museum

Jewish Museum

A museum of cultural and historical artifacts, the Jewish Museum is a magnificent resource with a wealth of knowledge, with an abundance of emotional and religious significance. Located on Manhattan island, on 5th Avenue, the Jewish Museum opens its doors to anyone wishing to learn more about Jewish heritage, about Jewish-American immigrants, art and culture, and their struggles and triumphs over the last 4,000 years.

Explore the rich and deep wealth of vision through the artistic works, visit the past via ancient artifacts, and draw continuities with today's time. Discover even more information by delving into the museum's comprehensive educational programs from lectures to tours to special events and more.

Exhibits range in style and subject from Jewish heritage in popular culture to the history of the faith dating back millennia. Permanent exhibitions follow the ancient story of Judaism from antiquity to today while temporary exhibitions gather fascinating and relevant information from all over the globe, across centuries. Discover the Soviet Union through stark photography, explore the culture of South Africans, or even learn how popular culture viewed celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor differently once they converted to Judaism.

There is such a plethora of information, style, beauty, and substance at the Jewish Museum that a student group must not miss out on the opportunity to visit. Walkthrough Manhattan's Museum Mile and stop inside!


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