Museum of the City of New York

A history and art museum, the Museum of the City of New York is a stunning example of everything a museum should be: an institution of accessible education, inspiration, and elevated culture. Founded in 1923 to preserve and collect the history and art of the people of New York City, this fabulous facility covers everything from 16th century New England to the present day Big Apple.

Over more than 80 years, the museum has collected artifacts of antiquity, artwork, sculptures, textiles, personal possessions, photographs, and much more. Special exhibitions operate on a variety of subjects from notable individuals who supported and encouraged the ever evolving spirit of New York City to community wide events like the New York Marathon, topics in subsidized housing in the city, the era of folk in the 1960s, and many more topics besides. Permanent collections show important and poignant photographic evidence of New York over the years, Victorian costumes worn by 19th century noblemen and women, archaeological finds from the early settlers and others.

If you are at all interested in learning about New York as a city, there is no better one-stop destination than the Museum of the City of New York. Past and present collide in a beautiful and educational complex, granting your student group a curated look into the nature of what New York truly is.