New York Aquarium


The oldest continually operating aquarium in the United States, the New York Aquarium shatters boundaries with brilliant flair and skill. Originally opened in 1896, this Brooklyn based aquarium has been in operation for over a century, granting the public a fascinating educational look into marine biology and the world of undersea life. Finding its home on the Coney Island Boardwalk, making this beautiful aquarium a priority is easy on a student trip to New York City!

Exhibits are separated into four distinct zones, namely the outdoor Aquatheater where talented animals preform, the Conservation Hall, Sea Cliffs, and finally the Sharks, Rays, & Turtles exhibits. Sea Cliffs is a beautiful outdoor area that plays home to quirky Arctic marine animals such as walruses, seals, and their penguin counterparts. It's quite a hoot to watch them being fed or see them playing on the rocks in their lovely enclosures. In the Conservation Hall you'll find an abundance of fish, coral, and other colorful marine life that snorkelers love to see underwater. But don't worry, you don't have do don your snorkel gear to witness these beautiful creatures. Look through the stunning reef display for a popular view of the marine life within. Finally we come to the Sharks, Rays, & Turtles exhibit; though temporary, this exhibit has drawn a lot of attention for displaying the dangerous and tantalizing sharks that we all love to fear. You'll also be able to see the fluid looking rays glide through their tanks alongside adorable endangered sea turtles.

You can participate in a number of animal experiences at the New York Aquarium. Visit the 4D Theater for a multi-sensory film experience or see it all up close at a live animal show, seeing animal feedings, and more. Watch sea otters, walruses, or penguins being fed in the outdoor Sea Cliffs exhibit daily for a fun excursion.