Ogden Union Station

Ogden Union Station

Welcome to the Ogden Union Station, the historic train depot that serves as the home to several culturally and educationally rich museums today.

This train station was actually the third major one for Ogden, holding 33 hotel rooms, a restaurant, and even a barbershop during its heyday in the early 1900s, the station running for over 3 decades successfully. The depot was considered a 'bustling focal point of northern Utah'.  "The railroads changed Ogden from a sleepy agricultural backwater to a bustling transportation and manufacturing hub, the railroads funneled everything they did through this station," says Charles Trentelman, a member of the Union Station Foundation Board of Directors.

Ogden Union Station has been operating as a museum collection since 1978, holding museums, art galleries, and a marketplace space. This spot is considered to be one of the area's best educational and cultural resources, with the following museums/galleries within to explore:

  • Utah State Railroad Museum - This is the crown jewel of the Union Station, this museum paying tribute to the role of the 'iron horse' that connected Utah to the rest of the nation. You will see restored locomotives from the 1800s and learn about Utah's role in building the transcontinental railroad. See a locomotive simulator inside that offers an engineers view of the rails, as well as several unique artifacts throughout. 
  • John M. Browning Firearms Museum
  • Browning-Kimball Classic Car Museum
  • Utah Cowboy Western Heritage Museum
  • Gallery at the Station
  • Myra Powell Gallery

There is also an onsite research library and photography collection, as well as several nearby eateries if you get hungry!