Ottawa Escape Manor

Ottawa Escape Manor

Welcome to the Ottawa Escape Manor, the incredibly fun and immersive 'escape experience' with several different locations throughout the city. Each location offers several different rooms and experiences as well, so we're just going to list a few to give you a good idea of what to expect!

  • Escape Manor Junior - This is an escape game opportunity for kids ages 6-12, perfect for birthday parties or class trips. Kids will have 45 minutes to find clues, figure out puzzles, and crack codes as they try to figure it out and use critical thinking, problem-solving, and hands-on learning skills. Ther are four themes to choose from including Candy Conspiracy, Spy Mission, Forbidden Forest, and Space Invaders. 
  • Hintonburg - An art gallery, a panic room, psychologist office, and treasure hunting tomb are among your options at the Hintonburg location!
  • Downtown/Queen Street - Cabin 13, The Asylum, The Darkness, Beau's Brewery....there are plenty of chilling options downtown!

  • Mystery Motel - The Boudoir, Magicians Studio, Parlour

There are additional locations in: