Our Favorite New Travel Predictions for 2015

Our Favorite New Travel Predictions for 2015

According to Lonely Planet, the line up for this year’s rising stars of travel looks like this:


1. Queens, New York


2. Western South Dakota


3. New Orleans


4. Colorado River region


5. North Conway, New Hampshire


6. Indianapolis


7. Greenville, South Carolina


8. Oakland, California


9. Duluth, Minnesota


10. Mount Shasta region, California


Out of the scores of cities across the nation, where does someplace like North Conway, New Hampshire fit in on your student group itinerary? As it turns out, this is a New England oasis of bed and breakfast slumbers, charming covered bridges and unbelievable outdoor sporting options. Perfect for the adventurous on a budget! This is a small town, much like many we all know, but what sets it apart is not only the sales tax free shopping, but the rugged, independent, village-esque feel about it. In between mugs of hot apple cider and taste testing fresh maple syrups, this backcountry jewel is no less than perfect for skiing, canoeing, hiking, camping, mountain climbing and zip lining. A cozy trip to North Conway introduces visitors to old country bliss complete with bakeries, antique stores, the indoor water park: Kahuna Laguna, a scenic railroad, a Moose Safari, the waterfalls of Diana’s Baths, mini-golf, carriage rides, dog sledding, horseback riding, snowboarding, tubing, sledding, go-karts, sleigh rides and quaint cottages. We love the family-owned Bavarian Chocolate Haus and The Artery Ceramic and Craft Studio! Here, folks pour in from all across the country to create their own painted and glazed, handspun works of art. There is an award winning live theater, which features productions all through the seasons, an 18th century barn turned craft mall and the friendly little White Birch bookstore. Dining in North Conway delivers a wide variety of options. Experience the view from a mountain resort, munch on homemade desserts, take a seat aboard a train car, kick back in a new favorite booth, or pick up a menu at one of multiple international restaurants.