Pacific Park

Pacific Park

One of Southern California's leading entertainment destinations.

Just about 25 minutes west of Los Angeles, in Santa Monica, you will find Pacific Park, the oceanfront amusement park that attracts millions of visitors each year.

Considered to be 'THE family place to play', Pacific Park offers guests coasters, eateries, and games along the Santa Monica Pier, boasting the iconic Pacific Wheel and Western Coaster. There are 12 thrill rides within, plus countless Midway games, ocean-front specialty food outlets, and seaside shopping.

Start your visit with a ride on the Pacific Wheel, the first solar-powered Ferris wheel in the US that provides 'sweeping views of the Los Angeles Skyline from over 130 feet above the Pacific Ocean'. Next, keep the thrills going with any of the 11 other rides along the way, popular choices being the Western Coaster, Sea Dragon, Seaside Swing, and Shark Frenzy.

After you've had your fill of thrill chill out with some classic boardwalk-style Midway prize games, then settle in for a much-needed lunch or dinner at any of the many seaside eateries. You will find everything from classic California cuisine to tacos, burgers, and funnel cakes along the way!