All About ‘Teaching with Historic Places’ Field Trips

As a teacher, we understand just how busy you are, especially during field trip season. At Adventure Student Travel our agents and team members want to help plan this year's field trip smoothly, our company working to help you plan a budget, a place of interest, and educational resources to use along the way.

We know that when you mix travel and education, you get seriously insightful and memorable experiences for students, which is why we like Teaching with Historic Places so much.

Teaching with Historic Places, or TwHP for short is a place-based learning resource created by the National Park System. This program ‘uses properties listed on the National Park Services’ Register of Historic Places to enliven history, social studies, geography, civics, and other subjects’, a goal you as the teacher are trying to fill within the classroom!

TwHP has created a variety of products and activities throughout the years that help teachers, historians, and educators, in general, bring historic places into the classroom easily.

Using real life places throughout the country helps students develop skills and knowledge by analyzing, observing, collecting, and reflecting.

These real historic places ‘generate excitement and curiosity about the people who live there and the events that occurred there,’ from ancient ruins and battlefields to the presidential homes, farms, and factories of our industrious past. These places serve as effective tools for enlivening traditional classroom instruction.

So what are the benefits of using TwHP?

  • Common Core Curriculum Standards
    TwHP supports the inquiry method of learning and provides a perfect fit for teachers looking to meet common core standards.
  • C3 Framework Standards
    College, Career, and Civic Life Framework, aka C3 Framework, is also met with TwHP outings, by both the primary content and recreational activities in each.
  • Service Learning
    Students have several opportunities with TwHP to be involved in civil engineering, reflection, collaboration, and problem-solving as informed citizens of their society with over 150 classroom-ready learning projects.
  • Excitement and Application
    Students get excited to go on educational field trips because learning outside of the classroom implies learning in real life, which implies real-life application. This is a win-win for everyone!

So what are the benefits of letting AST help you set up your TwHP Field Trip?

  • Ease
    AST will make planning your TwHP outing as easy as we can, from helping you define a realistic budget to reserving a motorcoach to get you there.
  • Agent to Group Check-In’s
    Our agents like to check-in after the trip and see how everything went, if anything went wrong and if you have any suggestions on how to make the next trip more pleasant.
  • Customization
    Want to make a weekend-long trip out of a TwHP outing but not sure where to start? We’ll help you customize a weekend field trip to your own specifications!

  • Transportation and Lodging Reservations
    As mentioned before, our agents will help you find and reserve both transportation and lodging if necessary, taking the hassle of trying to book for a large group away from you!

If you would like to take your group on your own Teaching with Historic Places educational outing this field trip season give us a call or request a trip on our website! Here are some of the top TwHP spots and resources available right now!

Mary Ann Shadd Cary House - Learn all about the African American women who defied culture and broke educational barriers, Mary Ann Shadd Cary. You will also learn about laws related to African American liberty and Civil Rights before and after the Civil War.

Separate but Equal? South Carolina - Explore South Carolina’s tumultuous past with information on the 1951 ‘Separate but Equal’ school building program here, as well as details about the local Briggs v Elliott lawsuit, which was one case decided by the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision ending legal segregation in the United States.

Arthurdale: New Deal Experiment - This West Virginia village was an experiment built for coal miners and their families during the Great Depression, explore the entire area!

Carlisle Indian Industrial School Lesson - The Carlisle Indian Industrial School Lesson teaches students how the U.S. Government attempted to assimilate indigenous children after the  19th Century Indian Wars.

Hawaiian Monarchs - Head to Iolani Palance and teach your students all about the last monarchs who lived here and fought for sovereignty in the face of European and American colonization.


*Note: Your group can choose a Historic Place by searching lesson plans by state, theme, period, activity, primary source, history standards, social studies standards, or common core standards. You can also visit this link and see sample NPS Itineraries all over the U.S.