Plattsburgh Brewing Co

beer-203855_1280Jason Stoyanoff recently started the Plattsburgh Brewing Co., a new, fast-paced popularity-gaining brewery in the Plattsburgh Comfort Inn. This location used to be called the ‘Legends’ Brewing Company, and in both places has operated successful business under the motto "fresh brews, fresh food." Plattsburgh Brewing Co. was built around the concept of fresh beer, with around 9-12 beer on tap at all times. There are home brews, experiments, seasonal brews, and local favorites, each made with the best and most fresh local ingredients. Stoyanoff has recently put an emphasis on IPA brews, and the top four sellers currently include Dr. Beaumont’s Brown Ale, Plucky Rooster, Angry Musket, and MacDonough's Ghost Ale.

This, the newest incarnation of the bistro and pub that used to be at the Comfort Inn Complex, is known for its particularly regal interior design. Both the outside and the inside feature stained wood and dark brick decor, tying the bar together nicely in a rustic-cabin decor mixed with luxury restaurant design. The food here is phenomenal, all the homemade dishes using locally sourced ingredients from the Adirondacks region. Try the famous Mac and Cheese squares, the Brewhouse coconut shrimp, Dr. B’s Burger, the spicy salmon BLT, or the highly popular BBQ chicken flatbread. You can even get a growler or keg to go! This is the perfect stop to fill your stomach and immerse yourself into the Plattsburgh culture, with opportunities to dine and drink just as the locals do and have here for many years!