Pokemon [Go™ Travel]

Pokemon Go™ has been sweeping the nation, and the world, for the past month in shockingly high numbers, this augmented reality game taking treasure hunting, character collecting, and interactive game playing to a whole new level!

Not only are millions upon millions of downloaders getting outside more often and socializing more often, but they are also traveling more often, as well.

Pokemon Go™ Travel is a new craze that you know we are already on board with, students across the nation now open to so many more fun and educational travel opportunities than ever before. For once, there is a fun smartphone app that allows young people to get involved with real-world locations, a sort of real-life treasure hunt, only it's based on popular 1990's cartoon characters.

There are several cities that promote tours involving Pokemon Go™ now, from Seattle to San Francisco, Boston to Washington D.C., there's even a huge event in Austin! You can literally go 'catch 'em all' now while seeing it all! Our favorite option? The growingly popular Central Park Pokemon Go™ Safari!

This 'safari' takes groups of 60-80 people around the vast 843-acre park, winding you through woods, trails, lakes, fountains, and statues to find them all, literally! Below is a personal account from a safari taker from New York, his group, in particular, being led by level 21 trainer Adam Wennick, who took them to the most Pokemon populated parts of the park, and did it with some finesse!

I went on a 'Pokémon GO' safari with dozens of people in Central Park — here's what it was like