Portland Farmer’s Market

market-101412_1280The Portland Farmers Market is a fairly large conglomerate of variously placed year-long farmers markets in the Portland metro area. There are roughly seven main markets, but there are over 40 various markets in the area overall. These outdoor markets in Portland tend to gather over 200 vendors, with over 80% of those vendors being from an area within 100 miles from Portland. Local is important in these markets, as you will see once you are here. The market was first established in 1992, bringing together the finest farmers and artisans from Oregon and Southwest Washington. At these markets such items are sold as fresh and local produce, fish, meat, dairy, breads, baked goods, ag products, and home decor.

The flagship market in Portland of this sort is the Portland State University Farmer’s Market, a year-round market packed with over 150 full stalls and, on a good week, around 20,000 customers each saturday. This picturesque backdrop provides a great place for farmers and artisans to sell goods, give chef demos, provide cooking classes for children, teach food education, and even share their live market music talent. You will find everything from Alsea Acre Alpines to Winters Farms as far as vendors go here, and you will easily see why the Portland Farmer’s Market in general serves as the biggest catalyst for the nation’s most prosperous, healthy, and sustainable food system. Make sure you are wearing your walking shoes and prepare yourselves for a truly fun and healthy way to spend your Saturday, immersing yourself into the local culture and participating in the most amazing tax-free retail therapy.

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