Raven Interpretive Program

raven-812247_1280The Raven Interpretive Program is the premier educational program in Chatham, New Hampshire, that provides historical and ecological insights into diverse environs of northern New England, Canada, and the Canyon lands of the Western United States, particularly focused upon the ecology of ravens. With over 26 years of experience, this interpretive program is centered in the scenic Mount Washington Valley, offering participants a new awareness of natural beauty of their environment. Here your group can do everything from tracking a predator in the snowy wilderness to discovering the uniqueness of a local alpine flower. Observe the migration of birds and get some insights into the mysteries of nature as you and your group learn all you can about the mysterious bird!

Tours at the Raven Interpretive Program are highly informative and extensively customized, the local ones mainly based off of seasonal themes. The programs will sharpen the observation skills of the participants and allow them to leave with a greater understanding of the science of ecology locally. Choose between programs such as Closer Look at the North Woods Summer, Winter, Fall, or Spring, or perhaps some Ecology of the Everglades, Appalachian Mountains, or Nova Scotia. The North Conway interpretive tours are led by Sharon and Douglas Fisher and will undoubtedly leave you feeling highly informed and impressed. There are also local summer camps and Raven Rangers Programs, ensuring there is something for everyone while visiting!