Saguaro National Park

saguaro_national_park_panoramaWelcome to Saguaro National Park, the massive, gorgeous, and cactus6848839368_cfa1f9a0e3_b-filled park located on either side of Tucson proper. Saguaro NP is broken into two different sections, the Western Tucson Mountain District holding one and the Eastern Rincon Mountain District holding another. This park got it’s name quite obviously, from the numerous giant Saguaro Cacti native to this environment/landscape. You can do it all here, from following the popular Signal Hill Trail to discover petroglyphs of the ancient local Hohokam people to driving a scenic loop to see some of the most breathtaking desert vistas you’ll ever see in your life. Besides the spectacular desert views and sprawling hiking trails, this is also one of the absolute best spots to grab a picnic with your group while in Arizona!

The ‘home of the country's largest cati' holds several onsite education programs, such as the National Park Night Program, 9-10-year-old Explorers Camp, and even Artist in Residence Programs. Learn about how the cacti here became a ‘universal symbol of the American West’ as you explore the onsite campgrounds or the over 165 miles of hiking trails. Hiking here can be anything from a simple stroll on a short mountain nature trail to a day-long trek in the wilderness. You can literally gain 5,000’ in elevation in a matter of 15 miles here! Be sure to check for any current workshops or demos during your visit, and absolutely try to make this a picnic stop if you can, a place with no crowds, plenty of peace, and some of the best views in the area! Your group will thank you for this refreshingly gorgeous stop, trust us!