San Diego Floating Lab

The San Diego Floating Lab is a small San Diego business that provides marine based field trips for students ranging from kindergarten to college. Here your group will find hands-on experiences that you will never forget, with something to always be learned no matter how much you know of marine biology! The boats that are used are Coast Guard certified and inspected and are capable of making voyages over hundreds of miles, though they just explore the San Diego Bay. After this half-day, 4-hour journey aboard the Floating Lab, your group will know how to measure various elements of oceanography, such as tides, wind speeds, and water clarity or bio-luminescence.

The Marine Science Program takes your group on a boat outfitted with oceanographic shrimp-533628_1920equipment specialized for student use. All activities include major components of the state science framework, making this an especially relevant educational trek. The Voyager program invites students to learn about and examine various sea creatures collected in mud samples and trawling nets, and you will get the chance to sample and observe plankton, observe sea lions, and so much more! Be sure to wear plenty of layers and bring some money for snacks while aboard, as well as a pen and paper for notes if you desire! Neither you nor your students will regret this scientific cruise across the bay!