Santa Monica Pier

Aerial_Photo_of_Santa_Monica_PierWe think you are really going to love your stop at the famous Santa Monica Pier, the truly iconic Los Angeles classic beach-side attraction. The sheer history of this city structure is really amazing, tracing back to a decision made in 1909 to create a city sewage pipe underneath a 1,600 foot long concrete pier. The plans were never finished for the pipe but the pier became a quick favorite and first concrete made one on the west coast, transforming quickly into a legendary fishing spot and amusement site, not without it’s fair share of mishaps along the way, however. The pier collapsed in 1919 and was ravished by fierce storms in the 70’s and 80’s, though many people believe these were great acts for the pier, which was ultimately fixed up better than ever after any such event.

While here your group can head to the Pier Shop at the bottom of the ramp to get some essential visitors information, pier history, and official apparel, or perhaps go blow off some steam at the amusement park. If you are ready for a rest just use this time to walk over the waves and admire the California coastal scenery, or perhaps opt in for a nice sit down meal at any of the eight different diverse and delicious eateries onsite, such as Rusty’s Surf Ranch or Pier Burgers. There is also a trapeze school here, historic tours to take, various shops to explore, thrill rides, an arcade, and the relaxing historic carousel, so you will have plenty of options of things to do!