Sarasota Opera House

Nationally registered as a historic landmark located in the heart of downtown Sarasota, the Sarasota Opera House, also known as the Sarasota Opera, is one of the most highly valued homes of opera in the nation. Originally formed in 1960, the Sarasota Opera Group first used the historic Asolo theater, which is now housed at the Ringling Museum grounds. Moving to the former AB Edwards theater in its convenient downtown location in 1979, the Sarasota Opera began to thrive under the direction of Victor DeRenzi.

Focusing mainly on Masterwork Revival Series pieces, the Sarasota Opera is a world renowned theater that will leave your group astounded at its dedication to the performing arts. The complex offers everything from opera, symphony, and classical ballet to film festivals, popular music concerts, and comedy shows. Some of the current shows playing include La Boheme and Bellini Norma. The group also likes to focus on Giuseppe Verdi's Verdi Cycle, a fan favorite for the past five years.

Sarasota Opera is highly dedicated to local arts, founding the Apprentice Artist and Studio Artist programs, as well as boasting the nation's most comprehensive youth opera program. Even if you don’t have time for a full show, be sure to stop by the Opera House to see how the historic renovation made the original structure from the mid 1920s flow perfectly with modern venue needs, and why the London Opera raves that the ‘acoustics are superb and there is never a dull moment.’