Savannah Theater

Savannah_Theatre_InteriorWhat began in 1818 as a humble yet highly awaited community theater on Chippewa Square has today turned into one of the oldest and most celebrated continually operating theaters in the United States, a true culture icon and historic landmark for the city of Savannah. Located at its central location on 222 Bull Street, the historic Savannah Theater showcases both live performances and movie showings, a popular place to find entertainment both in the past and today. The theater was first built by the popular local architect William Jay, with two major remodels happening in both 1906 and 1948, one due to devastating hurricane and the other to a fire. This 1940s art deco style building will undoubtedly impress your group with its resilient architecture and history.

The first play shown here was the at-time highly popular Soldier’s Daughter, and today the most popular shows are the current Jukebox! and locally beloved A Christmas Tradition two-hour spectacular. Since its inception Savannah Theater has seen the likes of such great actors and actresses as Oscar Wilde, Ty Cobb, Otis Skinner, Julia Marlowe, Edwin Booth, and rumors of John Wilkes Booth. After seeing a fantastic show be sure to save time to walk around the structure and take in all the details of its architecture and city history. Be sure to check out the museum in the lobby, full of fun artifacts, newspaper articles, and photographs from the past! Savannah culture, entertainment, and history all in one phenomenal stop is the perfect way to end your fun Georgian day.