Save with Selfies

Selfies may already be a huge part of your vacationing style, but many hotels around the world are now ensuring you get the most bang for your buck with each selfie snapped.

The "selfie package," as they're being called, offer a discount aimed at getting guests to take as many photos of themselves as possible so that in return, the hotels get free advertising for destinations. To ensure the best snaps, many hotels now offer official advice on the best landmarks, angles and times of day to get the perfect picture.

The Mandarin Oriental in Paris, for example, includes a personal driver for the visitors for three hours, and a list of the best selfie spots in Paris, as well as offering a free one-night stay by tagging the hotel on social media.

And the U.S. is participating as well -- the Lansdowne Resort in Virginia has given away more than $15,000 in prizes to selfie-takers. Think your selfie is worth $15,000? Start traveling and snapping today!