Smith Berry Farm

raspberries--u pick farmThe Smith Berry Farm was established first in 1978, as a humble yet hugely locally loved U-pick raspberry farm in Hillsboro. Today this 30-acre family farm offers much more than just berries, the farm as a whole offering a wide variety of fresh produce, local food items, gardening tools and educational items, and even various seminars and workshops to help locals plant their own bountiful harvests. Smith Berry Farm specializes in over ten varieties of cane berries, including such types as: red raspberry, golden berry, marionberry, blackberry, boysenberry, loganberry, and tayberry. The farm also owns a small five-acre apple orchard featuring over 20 varieties of apple and stocks each of its farm’s corners with fresh seasonal produce.

Your group will have the chance to explore the farm grounds on their own, seeing the aforementioned berries and apples, as well as the various gourmet greens, fresh herbs, squash and pumpkins, and other various produce items. You will learn about the farming practices used here, sustainable agriculture in general, as well as the farm’s personal goal to provide the freshest, highest quality produce in the local market. As you will see the selection here is the best that Willamette Valley has to offer, and the garden market they offer is full of such treasures as potted herbs, perennials, roses, fruits, vegetables, hanging baskets, accessories, and decor. You will find excellent seasonal choices such as pumpkins and Christmas trees, and you will even have the chance to grab an espresso or milkshake while looking around! This is the perfect spot for students hungry for horticultural knowledge and fresh local foods!