South Store Cafe

The South Store Cafe has been sitting on the corner of Scholls Ferry Round and Hillsboro Highway for over a century now, a humble yet highly traversed general store turned cafe that has been around since 1903. This quaint local gathering place serves the best fresh pastries, soups, sandwiches, and a full espresso bar. In the past South Store was a general store and meeting hall for the Oddfellows, a place where local farmers and merchants came to stock up on canned coffee and sacks of flour while complaining about the weather and hazelnut prices. Today this cafe serves the best espresso, cappuccinos, coffee cake, soup, and sandwiches, though you will probably still find local farmers, artisans, or authors complaining about the weather and hazelnut prices.

Your group will have the chance to fill up on delicious old-school breakfast or lunch, the Bacon Breakfast Sandwich being a favorite of both locals and tourists alike. Pair that with granola and yogurt or maybe have a famous South Store BLT with the soup of the day for lunch. If you are just stopping in for a snack be sure to try any of the espresso or cappuccino options paired with pastries or coffee cake. Some of the most popular fan favorites include the Cream Cheese Veggie Sandwich and the famously frothy Pumpkin Spice Latte. While here you will learn the story about the rakish tilt the building owns, caused by the 1962 high wind storm that gives it that unique touch, as well as the store's involvement with local businesses such as the Smith Berry Farm and Oregon Heritage Farm!